How to Import AdWords Campaigns into adCenter

Published: 16th August 2011
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Despite how much We think adCenter sucks, We have to accept the fact that the Microsoft-Yahoo alliance now do occupy a rather huge percentage of the paid search market (approx 20% is the latest estimate if memory serves me right). Therefore, it would be unwise to overlook adCenter’s potential simply because it’s a pain in the rear-end to work and navigate with its interface.

So, today We are going to talk about how to import AdWords campaigns into adCenter, since most advertisers start out their PPC effort in AdWords. The process is rather easy, but surprisingly not a lot of people had talked about it. When We did a quick Google search on the phrase "import adwords into adcenter”, the results all suggest me to output my AdWords data into CSV format and change its header to match adCenter’s style and blah blah blah. That just made my head spins!!

There is a much easier method!

First, download adCenter Desktop. It’s Microsoft’s equivalent of AdWords Editor. Once it finishes installing, open the program and login into your account. Near the top, you’ll find the import tab, then click on it.

A list options will be presented to you. In our case, we want to choose "Import From Google”. Select the CSV campaign data you exported using AdWords Editor, click "Next” and follow the instructions then you are done!

A few things to keep in mind though.

1. If you use a lot of Modified Broad Match keywords in AdWords, remember to remove all the "+” before importing them, because adCenter won’t know what they are.

2. Under the "Use destination URLs associated with:” section, you get to choose between "Ads” and "Keywords”. If you don’t use any keyword level destination URLs, just choose Ads then you are set. But if you do have keyword level destination URLs, We would suggest breaking your AdWords campaign CSV file into two separate files. One file containing all the keywords data, and the other file for ads and misc stuff, and import the two files separately. Technically speaking, you don’t really need to break the data. You can also import the same data twice and choose ads and keywords on the two different pass, but you might end up with duplicate keywords and ads, and they are just a hassle to deal with.

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